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A Realm Reborn
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The Dancing Plague

  • Unlocked through Main Scenario Quest
  • Requires Level 73



  • Divination Rune - Don't stand in front (non-tank)
  • Phantom Rune - Various AoE patterns
    1. Variation: Move away
    2. Variation: Get close
  • Mist Rune - Soak water pools
  • Flame Rune - Stack in water pool
  • Growth Rune - Stand between indicated directional arrows
  • Frost Rune - Move towards the last rune that spawns, dodge into already resolved areas
  • Titania's Power - Add phase
    • Avoid various AoE patterns
    • Puck's Breath - Stack
    • Puck's Rebuke - AoE-Knockback, don't stand in the centered blue circle


  • Divination Rune - Face boss away from raid, use mitigation
  • Titania's Power - Add phase
    • Puck and Peasebloom need to be tanked


  • Bright Sabbath - Raid-wide AoE
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