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A Realm Reborn
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The Crown of the Immaculate

  • Unlocked through Main Scenario Quest
  • Requires Level 79

Innocence (Phase 1)

The fight starts against Vauthry in his usual form.


  • Heavenly Host - Kill adds
  • Sinsphere - Soak meteors
  • Enthrall - Look away from boss


  • Heavenly Host - Pick up spawning adds
    • Holy Sword - Use mitigation


  • Realmrazer - Raid-wide AoE
  • Heavenly Host - Spawns multiple adds casting AoEs
    • Scold's Bridle - Raid-wide AoE

Innocence (Phase 2)

The fight continues with Innocence' true form. Combat will continue in phase 2 after a wipe.


  • Winged Reprobation - Various AoE patterns
    1. Avoid multiple Line-AoEs
    2. Rotating AoE-Zone
  • Rightful Reprobation - Avoid Line AoEs twice, stay in safe spot until second hit
  • Immaculate Authority
    • Forgiven Shame - Kill tethered add
  • God Ray - Stand in safe spots
  • Light Pillar - Stack in Line-Marker
  • Beatific Vision - Move furthest away from central line


  • Righteous Bolt - Use mitigation


  • Shadowreaver - Raid-wide AoE
  • Immaculate Authority
    1. Forgiven Venery - Raid-wide AoE when tethered adds not killed in time
    2. Shield raid / use damage reduction, especially when adds were consumed
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