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Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm

  • Abbr.: E7N
  • Unlocked after completing Eden's Verse: Furor
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 455
  • Drops token for Item Level 480

The Idol of Darkness


  • Words of Motion - Avoid in the same order they spawn
  • Voidgates - Replicate Words of Motion / Words of Night
    • Blue (Back) → Blue (Side)
    • Red (Back) → Red (Side)
  • Away with Thee - Teleports you to the indicated destination
  • Silver Sledge - 2 Stack-Marker, don't overlap/stand in both
  • Unbind Aspect - Keep track of your colour, switches after being hit
  • Words of Night - Don't get hit by the same colour

Understanding Words of Motion / Words of Night and Voidgates

Words of Night + Voidgates
  • Words of Motion + Voidgates
    1. Dodge Words of Motion (first half)
    2. Check which portal colour got hit first
    3. Dodge Words of Motion (second half)
    4. Dodge side portal of which colour got hit first
    5. Dodge other portal
  • Words of Night + Voidgates
    1. Stand on opposite colour for Words of Night
    2. Check portal colour behind you
    3. Stand next to opposite coloured portal of the portal that's behind you


  • Empty Wave Raid-wide AoE


  • Unshadowed Stake - Aim away from raid, use mitigation
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