Eden's Verse: Furor [Final Fantasy XIV TL;DR Guides]

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A Realm Reborn
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Eden's Verse: Furor

Garuda (Phase 1)



  • Ferostorm - Stand in-between white blades
  • Blue Circles
    1. Variation: On players - Don't overlap, have at least 1 other player within
    2. Variation: Center - Knockback-Immunity or stand close to it
  • Storm of Fury
    • If targeted, don't overlap and keep distance to boss
    • If not targeted, don't stand between boss and targets
  • Vacuum Slice - Don't get pushed inside the rift
  • Occluded Front - Stay away from orbs


  • Superstorm Raid-wide AoE

Ifrit (Phase 2)


  • Hands of Hell - Separate Tethers, don't stand in-between
  • Strike Spark - Stay away from flame orbs
  • Hot Foot - Get close to boss, creates safe spot under him


  • Hands of Flame - Use mitigation, don't take tethers with debuff
  • Instant Incineration - Use mitigation


  • Inferno Howl - Raid-wide AoE

Raktapaksa (Phase 3)


  • Inherits some abilities from previous phase
  • Hands of Flame/Hell - Handled as before, but stay/get close to boss after
  • Conflag Strike - Avoid stuff, be behind boss before the cast ends
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