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Eden's Verse: Fulmination

  • Abbr.: E5N
  • Unlocked in Amh Araeng, after completing Eden's Gate: Sepulture
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 455
  • Drops token for Item Level 480



Tribunal Summons (Center)
Tribunal Summons (Border)
  • Stratospear Summons / Judgment Jolt - Stand behind smaller spear, away from larger spears
  • Stormcloud Summons - When marked, place away from raid and other stormclouds
  • Surge Protection - Keep at least 1 stack up by collecting Lightning Orbs
  • Tribunal Summons
    1. Variation: Centered - Stand close to telegraphed lane
    2. Variation: Border - Look for Ixions to identify safe lanes
  • Thunderstorm - Lots of voidzones


  • (Divine) Judgment Volts - Raidwide AoE


  • Crippling Blow - Use mitigation
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