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Eden's Gate: Sepulture

  • Abbr.: E4N
  • Unlocked after completing Eden's Gate: Inundation
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 425
  • Drops token for Item Level 450



  • Evil Earth - Expanding AoE, dodge towards after impact
  • Weight of the Land - Avoid Square-AoEs
  • Crumbling Down
    1. Move to edge between both impacts
    2. Seismic Wave - Hide behind non-glowing boulder
  • Geocrash - Move towards impact or use Knockback-Immunity
  • Massive Landslide - Stand in front of boss, dodge Line-AoE after
  • Bomb Boulders - Dodge Boulders in various patterns
    • Keep distance to big boulder
    1. Variation:
      • Stand on edge between boulders
    2. Variation:
      • Move towards boulders that spawn last
      • Dodge after first set of explosions
  • Fault Zone - Stand on flank with more space beside boss
  • Landslide - Dodge more Square-AoEs


  • Stonecrusher - Use mitigation, may tank swap (depending on gear)


  • Voice of the Land - Raid-wide AoE
  • Earthen Fury - Raid-wide AoE + DoT *can* be cured
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