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A Realm Reborn
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Eden's Gate: Resurrection

  • Abbr.: E1N
  • Unlocked in The Crystarium, after completing the Main Scenario Quest "Shadowbringers"
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 425
  • Drops token for Item Level 450

Prime Eden


  • Don't touch yellow outline
  • Vice and Virtue - Drop outside of raid, move under boss after
  • Eden's Flare - Stand right under boss
  • Pure Light - Move behind boss
  • Delta Attack - Dodge various AoE patterns
  • Pure Beam / Paradise Lost - Dodge even more AoE patterns
  • Fragor Maximus
    1. Move to North/South edge
    2. Kill adds


  • Spear of Paradise - Use mitigation
  • Vice and Virtue - Aim away from raid, don't overlap
  • Fragor Maximus - Pick up adds, can be tanked together


  • Eden's Gravity - Raid-wide AoE
  • Dimensional Shift - Raid-wide AoE
  • Fragor Maximus - Raid-wide AoE
    • Guardian of Paradise
      • Mana Burst - Raid-wide AoE
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