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Eden's Gate: Inundation

  • Abbr.: E3N
  • Unlocked after completing Eden's Gate: Descent
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 425
  • Drops token for Item Level 450



  • Temporary Current - Move to save corner
  • Drenching Pulse - Dodge various AoE patterns
  • Tidal Wave - Look for splashing water on sides, stand close to it (or use Knockback-Immunuty)
  • Undersea Quake - Destroys platform beneath bosses' mouths
    1. Sides - Move to center
    2. Center - Split equally on sides
    3. Crashing Pulse - Stack after dodging circle AoEs
  • Tsunami - Handle different Marker
    1. When targeted by knockback AoE, stand anywhere but the center
    2. Stack after
    3. Spread after
    4. Another knockback AoE
  • Maelstrom - Dodge water AoEs twice
    • Keep distance to water pools
    • Look for Whirlpool on edges, avoid that half of the platform


  • Rip Current - Aim away from Raid, use mitigation


  • Tidal Roar - Raid-wide AoE
  • Tsunami - Raid-wide AoE
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