Eden's Gate: Descent [Final Fantasy XIV TL;DR Guides]

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A Realm Reborn
  • Dungeons
  • Trials
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  • Raids
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Eden's Gate: Descent



  • Doomvoid Guillotine
    1. Sidestep Line-AoE
    2. Avoid spawning Nyx
  • Doomvoid Slicer
    1. Get close to boss
    2. Avoid spawning Nyx
  • Darkfire III - Spread with Marker
  • Unholy Darkness - Stack on Marker
  • Spell-in-Waiting - Delays the next cast spell (indicated by a ticking marker)
    1. Variation: Unholy Darkness then Darkfire - Stack, then Darkfires move out
    2. Variation: Darkfire then Unholy Darkness - Resolve simultaneously, only unmarked players stack
  • The Hand of Erebos - Get close to hand (or use Knockback-Immunity)
  • Punishing Ray - Soak glowing circles
  • Shadoweye - Look away from marked player


  • Shadowflame - Use mitigation (hits both Tanks)


  • Entropy - Raid-wide AoE
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