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A Realm Reborn
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Cinder Drift

  • Unlocked in The Lochs, after completing the Main Scenario Quest "Old Enemies, New Threats"
  • Requires Avg. Item Level 455

The Ruby Weapon (Phase 1)


  • Flexiclaw
    1. 1. Variation: Avoid "endpoints" of earth ruptures
    2. 2. Variation: Avoid Circle-AoE spiraling along yellow lines
  • Liquefaction - Stand on ruptures
  • Undermine - Keep distance to ruptures
  • Ruby Ray - Don't stand in front
  • High-powered Homing Lasers - Stack equally, don't overlap
  • Ravensflight - Avoid dashes across arena, indicated by directional arrows
  • Ruby Dynamics - Stand right under the boss, spread after


  • Stamp - Use mitigation


  • Optimized Ultima - Raid-wide AoE

The Ruby Weapon (Phase 2)


  • Meteor Stream - Spread
  • Magitek Comet - Hug the wall between two impact zones
  • Magitek Meteor - Hide behind spawned comet
  • Mark II Magitek Comet - Stand on each impact point (moving arrow) and kill comets


  • Negative Personae - Spawns 2 adds
    • Keep them separated
    • Ruby Claw - Use mitigation


  • Dalamud Impact - Raid-wide AoE
  • Outrage Raid-wide AoE
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