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A Realm Reborn
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What to expect from this site?

The goal of this site is to offer short and simple guides that focus on how to handle mechanics without over-explaining what it does or why it is handled this way.

The main focus lies in teaching how to handle mechanics that aren't obviously telegraphed or aren't telegraphed at all. Basic mechanics like simple spread or stack markers can be mentioned but may be omitted in favour of keeping the guides short.

TL;DR: Guides focussing on "how-to", especially for unintuitive or not-telegraphed mechanics

Who is the site targeting?

In general, the guides should prove useful for both new and veteran players.

For new players that are familiar with MMORPGs and/or the basic FFXIV mechanics in particular, it can give a heads-up of what to expect in unfamiliar duties without reading overlong guides or watching videos.
For veteran players it can act as a cheat-sheet while in a duty or give you a refresher for a duty you haven't done in a while.

TL;DR: Everyone, provided that basics are known

How can you contact me?

If you have any requests and want to contact me, you can do so over discord. Im always open for criticism and suggestions.
My Discord-ID: Midna#0348

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